5 Ways to Make Money as a Web Developer on 2022

Make Money as a Web Developer
Make Money as a Web Developer

This guide will show you the five best ways to make money as a web developer.

Is It Worth of having Web Development Skills?

What are your web development skills? This is the question, every web developer asks himself.

🙌 As 2022 go the digital world continues to change rapidly, the need for web developers is growing. Many people consider this to be a good opportunity to make money.

✌ The role of a web developer is one of the hottest and most sought jobs in the world. Earnings of up to $ 180K for highly skilled developers, while entry levels can be as low as $ 40K.

✨ Web development is a fast-growing industry, but it is not just a job. It is a way of life. It is a choice of career and love. Web development is now the third most popular option on the Internet, along with Software engineers and Software Architects. Many people do web development because they want to be their own boss.

😃 We know that many web developers struggle to make a living out of their talent. However, there are ways to do this. We all know that the Internet is a place where you can make money, and you should not hide in the corner and leave your web creations.

However, here we share the best ways to make money as a web developer.

Make Money as a Web Developer

1. Affiliate Marketing
make money as a web developer.

You make money while taking customers to another product.

Combined marketing is a great way to make money online. There are tons of tools you can recommend and get a commission every month.

If you have a blog or audience, you can become a Web Developer ambassador.

You need to make sure your content is useful, relevant, and informative. Your content/audience area or topics should be clear.

By doing so, you will be able to engage more visitors to your website and possibly get them to buy the products or services you are advertising.

You can start promoting:

SAAS tools – Website as a Service
Web development centers and schools
YouTube Channels & Videos (Paid To Channel Owners)

2. Blogging as a web developer.

Make money as a web developer by blogging.
You’ve probably heard a lot about blogging lately. It is a popular way for web designers, developers, and tech writers to make money, build their own brand, and make a name for themselves.

Web developers can earn revenue by writing blog posts. And the best part? You do not need to be a master of content writing or writing thousands of words. Just share your thoughts with other developers.

You can advertise, bring sponsors, do affiliate marketing, sell your products by writing content, and much more.

Advertise: Consider, a blog as an asset when you offer someone a place to rent every month/year.
Sponsors: Business owners who want to advertise their product and effectively look for a place to get attention from the audience.
You can start by sharing what you read if you do not already have a blog. You can start with existing forums (central, freecodecamp), etc.

It’s all about the traffic and audience you can bring to your blog. While you are getting the attention of viewers from the content of your blog, you can start selling digital products to them even if you can use integrated marketing.

Some tips to consider: You need the following information to create a good traffic blog.

SEO: Search engine optimization
Email Marketing: Take leads (if someone is visiting your blog, to contact them later, you can request an email)
You don’t have to do it right. Take the basics and start using strategies.

Want to know about some quality tips when building your own website or blog? If Yes, then I’m sure you will learn something from this guide 5 Quick Tips to Build Your Website as a Web Developer.

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3. Freelancing.

Make money online with freelancing
There are things in the world that benefit you like building a successful career in web development.

If you have a passion for being a freelance web developer, this is your chance to make it bigger. You can work for different types of clients while working from home from different countries.

You may know that websites like freelancer, Fiverr & Upwork offer you such opportunities. But, if you can make a product for yourself, then there are many opportunities you can get like connecting with specific clients, finding customers on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In groups, and much more.

Live streaming.

Earn money by streaming live.
Live web development is a new and growing source of revenue for skilled web developers.

Live real-time demonstrations of web applications can be very attractive for developers trying to learn how to build web applications.

The goal is to show engineers what the final product should look like but also to help and engage them in their journey to becoming great software engineers.

Earn money by writing live codes, teaching other people to write codes, or showing off your skills in front of thousands of people.

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4. Create online courses. (Best in class)

make money online by creating courses
Online courses are a new frontier for education. And they are growing rapidly all over the world.

The creation of online courses has become one of the most popular ways to teach and learn online. The internet has changed the way we learn, and web developers are much needed. With a simple online course, you can make a name for yourself as an expert, increase your income, attract customers, improve your creativity and grow your community.

Interested in teaching web development? If so, why not use it as a business opportunity. Please create your own online courses and start earning money with them.

5. Building a SaaS.

Earn money by building a SAAS product
You make money while charging.

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