6 Laravel Packages you may need in 2022

6 Laravel Packages you may need in 2022
6 Laravel Packages you may need in 2022

Looking for the best 6 Laravel Packages to use in your next application? Here are our choices you should have packages for your next Laravel project.
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Looking for the best Laravel Packages to make your project faster and more efficient?

There are hundreds if not thousands of Laravel Packages to choose from. This makes it very difficult for newborn engineers to find the right package for their needs.

Being in the development of Laravel since 2016, I have used many packages along the way and gained a little knowledge of choosing the right package for specific tasks.

Best 6 Laravel Packages.

Have you ever wondered which package is the most used? Not anymore – I did the math! Below, you will find a list of data-based.

1 Laravel Jetstream.

Jetstream is the first Laravel kit that comes with a built-in authenticity scaffolding. It uses tailwind CSS design and Livewire to run It also uses Fortify for validation.
So if you need a functional authentication scaffold with additional features like Team, and two-factor authentication then Jetstream is the way to go.

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2 Laravel Breeze.

Jetstream comes with many nice features that you may not always need. If you are looking for a package that comes with a simple authentication scaffold Breze is the right package for you. It does not depend on Livewire or any other javascript framework, It gives you a clean and simple authentication feature like Laravel UI.

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3 Laravel permission by Spatie.

Watch the full tutorial on how to use the Spatie permissions package for your project. Here is the Youtube playlist.

Most of the time when you create a web plan you also create a control panel so that the client can manage certain basic tasks itself. Here comes the hiring feature we have to use. Well, we can use it ourselves but if you are just starting out and looking for a risky way to use more rentals I would recommend Spatie’s Laravel Permit Package. This package allows you to manage user permissions and roles on a website. With this package, all permissions will be saved as Gaurd that you can use in your blade file for this purpose.

@can ('create user')


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4 Laravel Sanctum

So far we have seen authorship scaffolding packages, and permission but what if you are creating an API how would you like to use authentication in a permanent way? Here is our next package Laravel Sanctum.

Laravel Sanctum offers a featherweight authentication program for SPA (one-page applications), mobile applications, and simple APIs, based on tokens.

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5 Laravel Medialibrary by Spatie.

This package allows us to link files with smart models. It provides a simple, smooth API to work with. If you are interested in creating a web application like CMS or CMS in Laravel then this package can save you a lot of your time.

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6 Laravel Debugbar.

Laravel Debugbar by Barry Heuvel is a package that allows you to quickly and easily store your app during development. With easy installation and powerful features, the Debugbar package is one of Laravel’s basic packages.

Allows you to monitor and modify all applications directly in Laravel view. Not only can you also monitor SQL queries, Emails, and queues. In short, it is a tool you must have for debugging.

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