6 Vue 3 UI Libraries for every project

6 Vue 3 UI Libraries for every project
6 Vue 3 UI Libraries for every project

Vue.js is the preferred JavaScript framework for most advanced developers because it is easy to read and use. The components are the core of the Vue framework – they help you move from the vision to the active UI very quickly.

Vue is a lightweight component UI, based on TypeScript. It has a great community and is a good choice if you want to gain Custom Design. Its comprehensive built-in guides are designed for advanced Typography, as well as excellent performance. It also provides comprehensive first-level TypeScript support, which means you can customize and translate parts in any language you want.

In this collection, you can find the best Vue UI section libraries that provide building blocks that generate user interaction with the Vue.js framework.

Best Vue 3 UI Libraries

  • Vuetify
  • Quasar
  • Vuestic UI
  • Naive UI
  • Ant Design UI
  • PrimeVue
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01. Vuetify

Vuetify is one of the best Vue 2 UI libraries.

An unofficial library that works with the Vue server-side rendering Vuetify. It helps to create clean, logical, usable UI components and makes the process of developing an exciting event.

One thing that distinguishes Vuetify from others is the availability of a pre-made scaffold code in the form of a pre-made Vue CLI.

Although Vuetify 3 is in the alpha category it is coming soon and is going to one of the best Vue 3 UI libraries as well.

02. Quasar

Quasar is a powerful draft with over 81 elements. If you plan to build a strong and responsive web and mobile app using Vue.js, you should use quasar.

It is an extensive library list with no download below 19K per week. If the engineer plans to integrate this, things will move faster in the development process.

You can build everything in one app using one framework.

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03. Vuestic UI

Vuestic is known for making one of Vue’s best open source control panel panels. They are at the forefront of coding Vue coding and making smooth parts and visual connectors.

The team recently announced the Vuestic UI, its Vue 3 UI framework, which contains all the features used in the popular Vuestic Admin UI and much more. Vuestic emphasizes its out-of-the-box support for keyboard navigation, a feature appreciated by the community ahead of the UX it offers.

Vuestic offers more than 50 items with different features and wide configurations. Responding to the design, these parts fit almost the entire screen. Vuestic ships with uninterrupted translation support and keyboard access throughout the framework.

04. Naive UI

The Naive UI was politically announced on Twitter and rewritten by the creator of Vue, which brought more people to the new library. Now, the Naive UI has 4.7k stars that are well-suited to GitHub within less than three months.

It sends more than 70 well-designed features that can easily fit into any Vue 3 application. Naive components are functional, highly customizable, and have first-class TypeScript support to provide a great development experience.

05. Ant Design Vue

Another popular library with similar design principles like Element UI is Ant Design Vue. It has template management styles and components. The library was originally created by a team of engineers and designers from Alibaba. Therefore, a good library if one wants to target the development of an e-commerce platform in a short period of time. However, like the Element UI, it was mainly targeted at Chinese engineers so most of the original texts are Chinese. Although some translations are available, some fonts and links are still in Chinese, which could not be translated into English.

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06. PrimeVue

PrimeVue is a great example of a framework that allows you to build Vue applications that are more complex, modern, and powerful. It has a variety of components, from tables and paginators to well-designed graph-based organizational charts, which you can use to build interactive Vue applications.

You can create user software for business software with this framework, too, as its components are designed to design sophisticated software applications. This also explains why the PrimeVue library is trusted by Fortune 500 companies, such as Airbus, Ford, Intel, and others.

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