Best Laravel Books From Beginner To Advanced in 2022

5 Best Laravel Books to learn in 2022

Of all the PHP frameworks for open source, I agree that Laravel is my favorite easily. It hasn’t been very long but it has changed the way most people write PHP for the better.

Learning Laravel can be tricky without a self-made teaching curriculum. But there are books that teach Laravel a lot of details including beginner and advanced studies.

I have recently compiled Zend PHP’s best books and in this post, I want to cover Laravel’s excellent self-study books from scratch. You should have some prior knowledge of PHP but you can be a novice at Laravel and be an expert in relevant learning materials.

List of best books to learn Laravel

Laravel: Up and Running

Laravel Up and Running

This forthcoming article by O’Reilly is a solid introduction to Laravel with practical examples.

Laravel: Matt Stauffer’s Up and Running teaches all aspects of Laravel from the ground up. You can get started without framework knowledge and go with enough confidence to launch your app.

Advanced engineers will not get much out of this book. Yet perfect beginners will learn everything they need to know about Laravel projects. This is not a study guide, but a look at Laravel with real-life examples of the real world.

If you need an affordable book to start practicing Laravel from the first square this would be my recommendation.

Learn Laravel with Laraveller. In this article you can learn laravel with inertia js full CRUD with image upload.

Laravel 5 Essential

Laravel has established itself as one of the most popular PHP frameworks over the past few years. Its popularity comes from its ease of use, clear syntax, and the number of components it has, allowing you to achieve almost any function in modern PHP applications.

If you haven’t had a chance to dive into Laravel yet, then this book will be a perfect companion, as it incorporates the basics Laravel is built on in a perfect yet easy-to-follow way. To make this book your best learning resource, we have covered important topics such as setting up a workshop and Laravel applications, creating your first Laravel application from start to finish, Laravel’s ORM Eloquent tour, and more advanced topics like testing, user verification, and safety. As one of the most interesting features of Laravel, we have also compiled an Artisan framework, which includes descriptions of some of its works. Post this, we talk about testing and safety. By the end of this book, you will be able to create solid PHP websites and web applications quickly and efficiently.

Laravel 5 Essential
Laravel 5 Essential

Laravel 5 Cookbook

Many engineers are concerned about outdated literature and thankfully you do not need to do this. Laravel 5 Cookbook was first published in early September 2016 providing Laravel 5.2 recipes and earlier.

Writer Alfred Nutile has worked in the industry for over 15 years and really knows his way around Laravel. His cookbook contains 416 pages with more than 60 different recipes for Laravel engineers large and small.

Most of the codes focus on pure Laravel but also learn the recipes of Elixir and PHPUnit. Some recipes even work on JS frameworks such as Angular and Gulp.js for automation functionality.

There is no denying the great importance of this book. If you are a beginner with a specific background in Laravel you can learn a lot from the Laravel 5 Cookbook. Even if you are an advanced engineer you can still learn a few things and use this book as a desk reference to find common solutions.

Laravel 5 Cookbook

Learning Laravel’s Eloquent

Flash ORM is built on Laravel to help you work with websites using specific models for each table. The concept seems complex but in practice, it is easy to understand.

Learning Eloquent’s Laravel is only 150 pages long but delves deeper into the Eloquent database configuration. You will learn to set up a new Laravel project with Eloquent and customize the features. This book also teaches you how to create queries for each model that links to the website.

Ideally, this process will save you time and make your Laravel applications much easier to build.

However this is not really a Laravel book, but an ORM Eloquent book. You should already understand Laravel so this book will only help medium to advanced engineers who are bitten to dig into Eloquent.

Learning Laravel’s Eloquent
Learn Laravel with Laraveller video tutorials. In this article you can learn laravel with Livewire full CRUD with image upload.

Mastering Laravel Book

And in the end, mastering Laravel.

Packt usually releases a new series of “mastering” books for advanced engineers and these books are mixed with mixed ideas. But I feel that Mastering Laravel easily is the best step forward for active PHP developers.

Once you know the basics of setting up Laravel and creating a basic web app you are ready to go to this book. It combines the best practices and patterns of great Laravel apps.

The author engages in ethical development, unit testing, and even continuous posting of live web projects. You will also get into the great time-saving strategies of major apps and build relevant documentation for your Laravel app.

Once you have passed the foundations of this framework I would highly recommend you hold a copy of Mastering Laravel. It incorporates effective strategies for building and delivering Laravel projects on a web-based level.

Mastering Laravel book

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