Free Tailwind CSS Templates To Start Your Next Project

Free Tailwind CSS Templates
Free Tailwind CSS Templates

Over the past year, Tailwind CSS has become less and less popular in the world of frontend development. The reason is that it is an incredibly easy-to-use, fully customizable library that works “amazingly” when it comes to using it close to other components. But free Tailwind CSS templates are rarely found when you search for templates and themes online. Quick search doesn’t bring you many results. With that in mind, I spent a lot of time digging to find 30 free templates and themes based on Tailwind CSS, which includes a wide range of additional resources such as UI Kits and library sections based on modern javascript frameworks such as React and Vue.

So, In this article, I will show you a selection of fully open source Tailwind CSS templates, which are not only free, but also fully customizable and compatible with products like dashboard dashboards, landing pages, websites, blogs, and much more.

First time. Let’s take a look at the list!

Free Tailwind CSS Templates List

Here were are going to add also admin dashboards.

1 Mosaic Lite

Mosaic lite admin dashboard

Mosaic Lite is a Tailwind & React admin dashboard template that offers various pre-designed charts and widgets created to be customized from the core. Mosaic is fast to load and packed with incredible functionalities like the responsive grid, infinite scroll, off-canvas navigation, dynamic layout, and more.

2 Amiso

Amiso Tailwind CSS free template

Amiso is a clean and attractive landing page template, designed to help you easily market your online and consulting services. Amiso’s built-in components will get you started quickly so you can focus on making your service better instead of struggling with technical details.

3 Cento

Cento Tailwind CSS template

Cento is a great free template for the beginner landing pages. It has a clean and minimal design based on the Tailwind CSS framework. This allows you to customize everything from floor to logo colors, typing, and more. Cento also comes with a handful of pre-built working messengers to help you get started.

4 Windmill

windmill tailwind CSS template

Windmill is a Tailwind CSS control template with many themes, fully accessible, with sections and examples of pages, ready for production dashboard. It covers everything you need to create your own product service or management panel. Start from the beginning or import demo data. Each option comes with an issue that shows how to use it. This template also comes to React.

5 Admin One

Admin one tailwind CSS

Admin One is a simple and elegant management dashboard for CRM software. It comes packed with a hidden side menu, folding cards and tables, a portable small computer set with a view/hide option, and an old format with left-handed features. Admin One is built using Tailwind CSS to customize the fast theme and Vue.js status management.

6 Skilline

Skilline Tailwind CSS

Skilline is a free landing page template built with Tailwind CSS that incorporates smiling people from multiple stock libraries. Due to the popularity of this template, it is good to build it in your design and add additional CSS only if necessary. The combination of ease of use and accessibility makes Skilline a great tool for both non-technical and professional people.

7 Cleopatra

Cleopatra Tailwind CSS

Looking for a custom template for your app? Look no further than Cleopatra. Powerful Cashboard dashboard template built on CSS background with a large, animated image with smooth transitions and beautiful typing structure. The homepage uses component-based workflows to display the latest posts or services customized with the click of a button.

8 Dashboard Template

Tailwind CSS Admin Dashboard Template

Dashboard template is a powerful yet free product built with Tailwind CSS, Alpine.js, and Laravel Blade. This product uses resource classes, which offer a wide range of resources to make your life easier while writing codes. You can use this dashboard with the same stream of improvements you grew up familiar with while using Tailwind CSS to build web applications.

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