Full Laravel 9 Tutorial Restaurant Reservation Website

Laravel 9 Tutorial Restaurant Reservation
Laravel 9 Tutorial Restaurant Reservation

This post will show you step by step how to make a restaurant reservation website with Laravel 9. this is a full video Laravel 9 tutorial.

Build Laravel 9 tutorial restaurant reservation

1 Make CRUD for categories.

Categories have images and can have many menus, so we have many to many Laravel relationships. On the front page, we display the specials category with all menus related.

2 Make CRUD for Tables.

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Here we are going to create tables with statuses “Available, Unavailable and pending”.

The table can have many reservations.

3 Make CRUD for menus.

Menus have images names and descriptions. The Menu can have many categories.

4 Make CRUD for reservation.

In the reservation, we are going to make 2 new own rules for date and time. Users can make a reservation only for the time and date we allow them. Also, we validate the table so if the table is reserved for the same date, can’t be reserved again. and much more. Watch the video for full understanding.

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