Laravel Mail Tutorial How to Send Emails

Laravel Mail Tutorial
Laravel Mail Tutorial

Emailing is one of the most common features offered by each web application. Some websites use their email feature to send newsletters, while others use it to collect feedback.

Powerful PHP websites use the Mail () PHP method to send emails. However, in this case, security is often compromised as it is not the safest way to send/receive emails on a website.

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To send emails to Laravel, the framework provides a few advanced features that you can work with. It has a variety of packages available on the market that make email integration easy.

How To Send Emails with Laravel Mail?

Laravel provides various tools for setting up email on websites. You can check out some of the options below. :

Laravel proposes to use drivers for SMTP, Mailgun, SparkPost, Amazon SES, and sendmail
Laravel offers online email options
At Laravel, you can use the Markdown support available in a few frames. It helps to create amazing templates like buttons or panels and much more
You can attach files in different formats (JPEG, PDF), etc., using the Laravel Templating program, which allows you to use various templates and customize viewing.
Local methods for setting preferred languages ​​for specific users.

What we are going to learn here?

  • Setup the project
  • Send the first mail
  • How to attach images
  • How to embed images
  • Send beautiful markdown emails

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