Laravel Roach PHP web scraping Package

Roach allows us to identify spiders that detect and use documents on the web. But wait, there is more. Roach is not only a simple detector but also a complete pipeline for cleaning, extending, and processing exported data. These are all your web resources in PHP.

How to start with Roach PHP Web Scraping Package?

1 Installation.

Most projects will want to install one of Roach’s framework specific adapters to help cut down on the configuration and boilerplate necessary. If you want to use Roach as a standalone package, however, you can do so by installing the core package via composer.

composer require roach-php/core

2 Installing the Laravel Adapter

The Laravel adapter mostly provides the necessary container bindings for the various services Roach uses, as well as making certain configuration options available via a config file. To learn about how to actually start using Roach itself, check out the rest of the documentation.

composer require roach-php/laravel

We can also publish the configuration file that comes with the package.

php artisan vendor:publish --provider='RoachPHP\Laravel\RoachServiceProvider'

To learn more about Roach PHP web scraping Package check the official documentation website.