Top 5 Free Resources to Learn Laravel

Free Resources for Learning Laravel
Free Resources for Learning Laravel

Let’s look at the best free resources to learn Laravel. Whether you are new to Laravel or have been using it for years, there is always something new to learn. The framework and its ecosystem are constantly evolving and growing to develop comprehensive engineering knowledge. Therefore, it may be very important to keep up to date with the latest developments so that you do not lag behind.

You may also have encountered the problem of coding once or twice and need to reach people online for advice and help. Let’s face it, as developers we spend a lot of time searching the internet every day looking for things. Whether it’s running our memory into a specific algorithm or looking for possible ways to deal with new pieces of code.

The list below shows you 5 different places to go online to help you learn Laravel, stay informed, and ask community members questions:

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Top Resources to Learn Laravel.

Here are the best free resources to learn Laravel.

1 Laracast

Laracasts Free resources to learn Laravel
Laracasts Free resources to learn Laravel

Laracasts is an online forum with over 1700 courses that you can use to learn about Laravel and other topics related to web applications. The good thing about Laracasts is that it doesn’t just focus on Laravel; and contains lessons from various tools, tests and programming languages. For example, there are a series of lessons based on finding your IDE (integrated development site) or text editor, such as PHPStorm or Visual Studio Code, designed to make your development sense more productive.

At the time of writing, some of the lessons at Laracasts are free and you can watch them without spending any money at all! However, I would strongly recommend that you sign up for a paid account, $ 15 / month, so you can get full access to all courses.

Another great thing about Laracasts is their forums and helpful community. If you have any questions or concerns you may have, you can send them to the forum. Most of the time, someone will answer you with an answer that helps you solve your problem.

2 Laravel Daily

Laravel Daily Free resources to learn Laravel
Laravel Daily Free resources to learn Laravel

Laravel Daily is a popular YouTube channel that includes a free video tutorial on how to use Laravel. A one-man project by Povilas Korop who is also the author of more than 20 Laravel courses on Teachable.

On his channel, he publishes several YouTube videos each week, discussing topics such as Blade, Eloquent, PHPUnit, SaaS applications, and many more. In addition to the hands-on lessons, Povilas also does comparisons, offers career and business advice, and under the ‘Community’ tab, shares ‘Laravel tip daily’ daily. You can find a video about any topic on this channel. “RECOMMENDED

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3 Laravel Documentation

Laravel Docs Free resources to learn Laravel
Laravel Docs Free resources to learn Laravel

The official Laravel documents are a true description of the Laravel framework, which is maintained by the Laravel community and is available on GitHub. It starts with the installation guide and provides an overview of all Laravel concepts, such as template, security, database management, and much more. You can also find texts for official Laravel packages here.

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4 Laravel News

Laravel News free resource to learn laravel

Laravel News is the official Laravel news source. They post new articles, lessons, and tips every day and provide a regular newsletter. These articles always have useful information. Here you can find different topics or new Laravel packages that you can use within your code.

Although Laravel News does not have a platform like Lacaracasts, the newsletter and podcasts they provide are very useful to keep you up-to-date on what is happening in the Laravel space.

5 BitFumes

Bitfumes Free resource to learn laravel
Bitfumes Free resource to learn laravel

BitFumes is an educational website that contains both free and paid screens and video tutorials on web development. Its free Laravel tutorial section includes many high-quality video tutorials aimed at beginners, but you can find the most advanced pieces here, too.

There are also many free Laravel tutorials on YouTube’s BitFumes channel, including a 6.5-hour tutorial that covers Laravel upgrades from basic to advanced themes like Livewire (required for TALL stack).

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